Asao Control

Stability is important for your body. This class is focusing on inner muscles that creates stability and control of your body. Moving through the space, you will learn to move slowly and control each movement pattern. The purpose is to come out grounded. It is your body, you are in control. Quite often we get caught up to rush everywhere to be busy thinking and being stuck in the mind. Learn to move with care and strengthen your body in greater depth. No more twisted ankles and wobbly knees, learn which muscles to activate while you move daily. Adding to a better control of your flesh, this class also focusses on improving the range of movement your body is capable of. When working towards strength and cardio goals, we contract muscles to the point we exhaust them. Many injuries are due to the unbalance we create by not stretching often enough. Have you ever had a long day at the office and once you get home you realize you have so much tension in your shoulders and hips? This class is just for you then. Think about your muscles as rubber bands. If you contract it, it shortens and eventually becomes too stiff to stretch out. If you stretch it too much, the opposite may occur, resulting in becoming loose or even break. Therefor, it is important for a healthy training to balance the body between contraction and extension. This flexibility class offers active recovery by stretching each limb, muscle and joint one by one. It will prevent from many injuries, sprains and enhance your recovery for the next strengthening class. Moving forward through the space, find yourself releasing into those joints and relaxing the mind by easing the body’s tensions.
Open to all levels and exercises options included if needed.

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