Using your own body weight, we focus on building your strength through resistance training over time and duress, going at your pace to suit your level. This leads to an overall improvement in your strength, leaner and toned muscles as well as the addictive high you get when smashing an ASAO group class. Our ASAO participants leave with a sense of accomplishment, power and a reignited love for fitness.


Asao Build

It has been adapted to work to your optimum fitness level and will focus on bodyweight strengthening as well as boosting your adrenaline and challenging your cardio abilities. Working through a long period of time, your muscle resistance and endurance will improve. Moving through the space you will find yourself working strength. Great for lean strong muscles you will gain better control of your body while respecting its own natural groove. This class is designed to work out the full body while focussing on your inner and outer awareness. Reconnecting the mind to your body, you will find yourself moving through the space with full confidence and power, becoming stronger through each step and coming out with an open heart, ready to engage back into your daily life. Get back on track with your stamina. Get closer each class to your cardio goals with combos inspired of contemporary dance and traditional fitness training.
Class is suitable for all levels of fitness with exercises options and available to add weights onto ankles and wrists for a bigger challenge or advanced members.


Join our members on a similar path to physical and spiritual strength through dance and fitness.
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