Barre Classes
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Inspired by the beautiful and disciplined moves of ballet, BootyBarre classes focus on improving strength, flexibility, stamina and overall toning of your body – particularly of your glutes and thighs. This class is very popular for its head-turning results and lets you unleash your inner dancer while getting fit and healthy.


BootyBarre Plus

Each class is a combination of Cardio, Flexibility and strength. It is the perfect workout if you are looking to gain better control of your body and improve your alinement. Each class Starts with a quick warm up in the center of the floor, then followed by an arms workout. Once the body is ready, we move to the Barre and start working through those legs, hip flexors and back. The class will then finish with some floor work to increase flexibility while improving chore strength.
Using free weights for arms workout, more suitable for beginners


Join our members on a similar path to physical and spiritual strength through dance and fitness.
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