About VJ Studio


Founder of VJ Studio

Born in France and raised in Tahiti, Sigrid moved to New Zealand at the age of fifteen to pursue a career in dance. She had trained since a young age in ballet, contemporary, modern jazz, tap and Tahitian dance styles, but found herself more passionate about artistic contemporary technique.

After graduating in 2018 with a certificate level 5 of Personal training at AUT, she went on to complete a Bachelor in performing and screen arts (Major in Contemporary Dance) at Unitec.

Training in these two fields opened the world up for Sigrid to better understand what kind of studio she would like to establish. Exploring both worlds of fitness and dance, she found that each had relations to healing the mind through the body. Both industries explore the potential of the human flesh, shaping the self into space around us while challenging societal ideologies.VJ Studio was born out of this holistic style of fitness training, open to all, and built to create a safe, healing environment.

For her clients, Sigrid enjoys exploring physical awareness through multiple training techniques. All the knowledge from both dance and fitness helps her clients to not only get fit but to heal troubled minds through the body. Her clients walk out with full control, a sense of empowerment and an understanding of how their own body works. Sigrid’s aim is to help people reconnect with their grounded self, get out of their mind so they can fully enter the space and environments they choose for themselves daily – bringing about peace, self-love and appreciation for a happier lifestyle.


The body is just another cell into a big organism. Moving through the space, it travels constantly on its own contributing energies to the living environment surrounding it. Each human body contributes to so much more than just the society we live in, and being conscious of itself travelling is essential for the soul to grow.
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